Sleep Aids

Products that Improve Sleep Quality

Money spent within the sleep industry annually is around $20 billion based on some reports. In recent years the emotion driving the industry is the equally disturbing studies which consistently relate vast amounts of dollars lost in industry due to exhausted and really stressed out American workers.

Insomnia, however, is not about the money earned or the amount of money lost. It boils right down to individual need for good sleep and an appropriate sleep environment. To those ends there’s an industry that’s thriving in attempting to satisfy those desires.


The mattress industry alone accounts for a bulk of the traffic in sleep aids. Foam, traditional coil, pillow-top, hypo-allergenic, adjustable, and visco-elastic “memory” foams are just some of the types of mattress products sold within the sleep center market.

  • What’s the difference between a conventional coil mattress and a “memory” foam bed mattress?
  • Do adjustable beds really improve sleep quality?
  • What should you search for when shopping for a foam bed topper?


And if the actual mattress doesn’t supply the ultimate comfort you’ll be able to always accessorize with pillows. Think support in all the right places when looking for a specialty pillow. The sky is the limit:

Body pillows purport to supply physical support to back, legs and relieve pain when needed.
Pregnancy pillows are uniquely designed coil shaped pillows meant to provide support for any woman’s belly, lower back, legs and upper body while it moves quickly through physical transformation.
Wedge-shaped pillows as well as small travel pillows are popular when you’re away from home and need additional lumbar support, neck support whilst flying, driving and even for added comfort in the hotel bed.


Ever salivated over the softness of a few high thread-count Cotton sheets? What is it with this luxurious bedding which appeals so aggressively to the desire for sumptuous sleep?

There is much more to cotton fiber than meets the eye in terms of your bed sheets. In this area you’ll learn:

  • How to pick sheets for greatest sleep comfort.
  • What is thread-count and will it matter?
  • What features make a good down bed comforter?

Sound Machines and much more

The sleep industry continues to fill the vacuum where consumers show frustration. Need some sound through the night? Or need to drown-out disruptive environmental noise invading your own sleep space? Find out about the various audio and sleep machines in the marketplace and how they work to “condition” the actual auditory area all around you.

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